Titleist Testing can provide your lead paint inspection and consult you on your requirements and responsibilities of Baltimore lead paint inspections for a County-City rental property owner. A lead paint visual inspection must first be performed to make sure that none of the paint is failing. There can be no peeling or flaking paint inside and outside of the property, this includes: porches, foundations, stairs, soffit, fascia, window trim, wooden sheds, garages and fences. If any of the paint is failing, no dust samples can be taken.

Once the property has passed the visual inspection, dust samples will be taken from each room in the rental property. If your rental property has replacement windows the State of Maryland requires that 1 lead dust sample be taken from the floor or window sill of every room. If there are any rooms that have original painted wooden windows the state of Maryland requires that 2 lead dust samples be taken from every room (1 from the floor or window sill and 1 from a window well from a random window in that room). 

The samples are collected and shipped overnight to lab where the lead dust content of each sample is measured. Turnaround time is usually 2 business days. The results are sent via email to Titleist Testing and the client is notified by phone and email that the property has passed. Your MDE certificate is issued and in the mail within 72 hours and a copy of the certificate and results will be mailed to the Maryland Department of the Environment by Titleist Testing. From the time you contact us to perform your lead paint inspection till the paperwork is finalized and mailed to the state you can count on Titleist Testing to be there.

There can be some sleepless nights not knowing what to expect during the inspection or waiting for the results. Titleist Testing will explain the steps that are needed to be compliant. Go with professionalism and service. Go with Titleist Testing LLC for your Baltimore lead paint inspection.